Reasons to use Licence ZA


You don't queue

We offer a hassle free online vehicle licence renewal service for people on the run who cannot afford to take a day off to stand in queues and fill in a heap of paperwork.


We remind you

Once your vehicle is loaded onto our system. Our system will remind you of your licenses that are due for renewal. Never pay penalties again.


Quality Service

Licence ZA is committed to deliver quality service to all our current and future clients. We are committed to Customer Satisfaction by providing efficient and quality services, timely delivery and continual improvement and innovation.


We don't queue

Simply log on and register. We do the rest. No forms, no queues. You don’t queue, we don’t queue.


Load multiple licences

Load and renew all your vehicles, trailer, motorbikes or caravan on one digital platform. Whether you own one car or multiple vehicles, run a dealership or have a fleet to manage, Licence ZA does it all for you.



Convenience and immaculate one-stop online vehicle licencing renewal services to people on the run. Hassle free and delivered to your doorstep.