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Frequently Asked Questions

I have registered. What is the next step?

You will receive an invoice via email the following workday after registration. You are under no obligation to pay this invoice, but please let us know if you do not want to use our services anymore. We print licences a day after payment and send a tracking number for delivery via courier.

When will I receive my disc and how long does it take?

We send licences in for enatis checks daily at 07h00. Registrations done after that will be sent in the next day. Invoices will be sent out a day after enatis checks or a notification if any blocks exists. A tracking number for the courier will be sent out a day after payment for delivery. NOTE: Once we do the enatis check, there will be a 2 day block from renewing the disc anywhere else.

My licence expired and I have not received an invoice yet?

If the registration was done 5 workdays from the new penalty date we will send the invoice a day after penalty date. This will allow time for enatis checks, invoices sent out and payment without amounts changing. Penalty dates are calculated as follows:
Licences that will expire end of the current month: 21 days grace period in the following month without penalty.
Licences that expired end of previous month: 21 days grace period in current month without penalty.
Licences that expired older than previous month: Penalties are calculated on the 1st of every month.

What happens if I do not pay my invoice in time?

Invoices will be cancelled and a new amount will be requested and invoiced. If the second invoice is not paid in time it will be cancelled and we will remove the profile from our system. If you wish to still renew the licence after that you can register on our website or app again.

I received a tracking number from the courier but there are no details on their website?

We print and package our own waybills and barcodes for the couriers before the packages are handed over. Please allow a few hours or until the next day for the package to reflect on their website.

Blocks on licences due to enforcement orders or other vehicles blocking your licence to be printed.

Disc are blocked from printing if there is an enforcement order or expired licences of another vehicle. It will be handled in the following way:

  1. Authorities give us the amount and registration number blocking it and we can send an additional invoice.
  2. Authorities do not give us details and you will be responsible to visit them and pay the outstanding amount.
Once paid the block will be lifted and we can pay and deliver the disc. If it was expired licences of other vehicles blocking it we will print the additional discs and deliver as well.

If you are still uncertain about the Online Vehicle Licence Renewal process, please email us at: